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War thunder matchmaking mechanics

War thunder matchmaking mechanics


tf2 competitive matchmaking ranks

premium tanks with preferential matchmaking

It might not matter if that person is a garbage pilot though not trying to call anybody here garbage since they can be easily taken down if that's the case. Already the MM is falling apart due the big problems of compressions. When you ARE level 5 in a tier 5 plane, you hardly play tier 7 battles, you'll have to wait some more untill there's room in a tier 5 game. Damaged or temporarily blocked vehicles will not be factored into the calculation, as they cannot be used in battle. Not done yet world of tanks poor matchmaking. Creating a session based on player personal rankings allows to equalize forces of teams, squadrons, and bad matchmaking wot players, and makes sessions more fair and attractive. Selection begins by searching for players with the same BR as you and the net gradually widens if heroes and generals already matchmaking closely rated team cannot be assembled. They need to balance out to mechancis it is a fair match. Usually the less than the max BR in the current range varies. Mmatchmaking Discussions Workshop Greenlight Market Broadcasts. I don't understand this at all, I also don't care one bit and I just fly arcade In planes it's the average of your top 3.

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Started by FatMcKMarch 14, Posted March tnunder, I am really wondering if vehicle Tiers are affecting the matchmaker or if it is only based on the vehicles Battlerating. I read it here and there, both that they affect it and it doesn't, both with no satisfieing answer. I don't know if mm for aviation and GF are the same, but as I'm playing GF only I'm refering to that. I was about to rage some mechajics ago about the matchmaker when I started playing with my german BR7.

With this setup mm brought me more then 8 out of 10 times into BR8. Now with all of them stock I started my most masochist grind in my gaming career for getting the Maus. At first time in WT I started to constantly loose lions while playing as premium. When I finaly had researched the Maus I was missing lots of lions to buy it and get a basic crew for it. I decided to switch to my US BR7. Now as I also wanted to get some wagers done while grinding lions I used following setup:.

With this setup I also had some BR8. I'm a bit worried that I didn't made stats about it, but from my feeling I would say it was maybe 2 or max 3 out of 10 games. I played long enough to buy the Maus and a basic crew. After playing some rounds with my mighty Maus i had the feeling that I urgently needed an expert crew for it. So I decided to grind another 1M lions with the same setup.

In my last 10 games with this setup I made around 45k lions per game after repair and resupply. When bad matchmaking wot wr wager world of tanks matchmaking rigged out I had k lions on account, so one more game should do it. But I decided to change my M26 for my M46 for the last game and ended up in four BR8. So the amount of games I have played are by far not enough to tthunder if Tier is affecting the matchmaker, but at least it strongly feels so. So are there any known hard facts about how the matchmaker works?

Does it take Tier into account or firefall pve matchmaking Also the amount of vehicles thundr a tier or only the highest vehicle? Does nation dating ev speakers into account? Posted March 14, edited. It's takes the total BR of all your tanks matchmakint planes in your line up and calculates the average BR.

Your German line up however has pretty much a 7. Thanks for your answer. But I am pretty sure that Preset BR is not the average of all tanks, else you could pair a BR8 tank with for example three BR1. Matchmaking 1.39 some time we had something similar in a much smaller dimension, where only your three highest tanks got counted, the highest one worth double and the lowest ones couldn't be lower than 1BR. In any combination you could lower your Preset BR only by 0. As this was abused dragging BR8's in BR6.

But even with this mechanic still world of tanks comet matchmaking all of my three presets would be BR7. In tanks pretty recently it was changed that the highest BR tank dictates your overall BR so you have BR 7. Depending on your recent wins, wot skill matchmaking can be still matched against people with BR 8. In planes it's the average of your top 3. You are able to take off 0. Careful with your third plane, if you put one that is more than 1 BR lower than the second one or was it 1.

Effectively you are thunxer BR 7. If your plane is stock, use it as the highest BR. When your planes are upgraded, don't be afraid to use same BR lineup. There was talk about overall BR player spread in a match being lowered to 0. Does not the MM take in to account only the highest Battle Rating vechicle in your line up? Becouse you can offten see tanks with BR of 1.

Mechaincs they changed the MM around for that, anything with a greater difference of 1. For instance, having 3 tanks at 7. If however they were 7. Posted March 15, Looks like everyone throws another small piece of information in here. Unfortunately they contradict each other!? The wiki entry also doesn't really help. I think it is outdated not really sure about this as you can't see editing dates in this wiki. But if this is right. This works by not allowing any players with their top three planes or tanks to play with someone 2 rank levels higher OR lower to be in the same battle.

Such as jets fighting early war fighters. This is so planes or tanks which are statistically superior cannot be together, as some planes are in the same rank but have better armament. Such as the jumps in rank 2 for Britain and Japan. If rank would be the priority it would explain why the german BR7 setup which is T5 sees BR8's more often then US BR7 setup which is completly T4.

Posted March 15, edited. You are never matched against vehicles more than 1 tier below or above your highest plane. Thanks for your post. It is interesting and I had a look into your thread of your sig and the pdf included. But it couldn't be the same for tanks. If looking at your pdf for planes the BR to Tier relation is very structured. What I mean in detail is that planes of a BR called rank in your pdf belongs always to the same rank called era in your pdf. This is not the case for tanks where ranks are overlapping world of tanks premium better matchmaking many cases.

With the rules you posted this would mean this setup could encounter any ranks from I to V, while on the same rule the ZSU could not meet the KV-1 ZiS To be fair you wrote mtachmaking BR is the tgunder important rule. So this setup would mechancs anything from BR3. Now if the ZSU as matchmaking 9/10 IV vehicle gets counted as highest vehicle the setup would be sticked to rank III - IV which would match to BR3. It is the same mess for planes. Look at the roman figures I-V I put behind some planes, if they do not fit into the usual range of a tier.

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Matchmaking (MM) is a very important game mechanic which has to be clearly understandable to any player. Most players no doubt know. Various War Thunder devs explain how this relates to the WWII flight sim's matchmaking mechanics, too, and they also address several other. Can't figure out how the matchmaking system works? Tired of being overtiered? Angry at the seemingly Missing: mechanics. War Thunder > Yleiset keskustelut > Aiheen tiedot. Lähetetty: elo, Viestejä: Aloita uusi keskustelu. Keskusteluiden säännöt ja ohjeistukset.

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