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Employees dating customers

Employees dating customers


employees dating customers

Why turnover is important to […]. Conversely, it may cost the employer a lot if such activity is not frowned upon allowed and the company gets a bad reputation as a result of it. If you want her to smile more in certain circumstances, tell her that specifically. Join Date Jan Gender: The hothouse airlessness of most investment banking culture, with its hour days and shared travel arrangements, inevitably leads to stretched boundaries. But a lot of cute girls will smile at you a lot, and show that they're interested. I wouldn't mind my guy going to the extra trouble to find me in the flour aisle for a magical moment. I don't think it's really worth the potential risk to your job if you aren't at least familiar with them, though. JacPCB Power Poster Registered: This report is employees dating customers collection of seven insights from the C-Suite that offers insight into business and leadership trends. Cheat Sheet A speedy, smart summary of all the news you employees dating customers to know and nothing you don't. I'd say don't push flirting into "actively flirting" unless the customer is semi-regular though.

employees dating customers

Beverly Flaxington is employees dating customers practice management consultant. She answers questions from advisors facing human resource issues. To submit yours, email us here. Advisor Perspectives welcomes guest contributions. The views presented here do not necessarily represent those of Advisor Perspectives. One of my employees has become overly friendly with one of our larger clients. They have gone on vacation together, out to dinner quite a bit and share hobbies and other activities.

This concerns enployees because I know when vating are friendly they can share too much information, or if the relationship turns sour we might lose the client — employees dating customers the employee. Customerw advice do you have? Advisory firms look to build relationships and to dating sites for truckers clients really well, but it sounds like this particular relationship has become concerning to you for a employees dating customers reasons.

It might be that your employee and this client have a synergy together and genuinely enjoy one another. But, there are many potential downsides. The biggest problem is that there could be a perception that this client employees dating customers given preferential treatment on something, or employees dating customers benefitted employees dating customers the relationship. Without a current dafing to fall back on, the best course of action is to have a sit down and discuss your concerns with your employee.

Convey to them that you support their right to do whatever they want in their own time, but that this is an important client and you are concerned about employees dating customers impact on the firm. Explain that how the relationship is perceived creates a problem. Be as open and honest as possible with your thoughts and concerns. Your employee may not even realize the relationship worries you.

If you share your perspective, your employee could become more cautious in their approach, in cudtomers they share with the client and in how they behave in the office about the relationship. Put a policy in place, if you are worried about this happening in the future. State that relationships of a deeply personal nature with clients are discouraged. Carefully daring this because often an advisor attends a retirement party for a client, or a funeral or even holds a family meeting to talk about issues.

There are many times having a personal relationship makes sense and is beneficial, employees dating customers this one crosses the line if it makes you uncomfortable. Consult with your HR staff or an outsourced HR firm on how best to write a policy that works for your firm. I know many firms have these policies for nepotism or dating a co-worker, so it is appropriate to have one for employee-client relationships, too. One of our best support members is daying unfriendly.

She helps when asked, but would never go out of her way to ask if she can help others. When we do ask her to do something outside of her area of responsibility, she will do it but she walks away in a huff and frowns the rest of the day. She is alienating them and making it very difficult to get things done. There is a bottleneck occurring. One of my advisors talked to her but she started to cry and ran out of his office.

What do I do? This is a behavioral issue. Is this person also very quality-control oriented, and not that sociable and outgoing in general? She is probably employees dating customers focused on compliance and being employees dating customers, rather than on being upbeat, motivated and optimistic. There are individuals who are naturally less people-oriented. They are more skeptical; they like to be alone and they like to focus on the job at hand and do that job to perfection.

Does this sound like your staff member? Unfortunately we often want others to behave as we do and we misread the cues they give us. The problem might be your advisors who are staying away from her! Look at the quality and output of her work. Talk to her about specific behaviors if you like, but make sure you are very precise.

If you want her to smile more in certain circumstances, tell her that specifically. If you want her to enthusiastically respond when asked to do something, tell her specifically what that enthusiasm would look like. Figure out what you really want. What employees dating customers the real problem? Make sure you are solving a real problem and not responding to differences in style and personality.

Beverly Flaxington co-founded The Collaborativea consulting firm devoted to business building for the financial services industry in ; in she co-founded Advisors Trusted Advisor to offer dedicated practice management resources to employees dating customers, planners and wealth managers. Beverly is a Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst CPBA and Certified Emmployees Values Analyst CPVA. She has spent over 25 years in the investment industry and has been featured in Selling Power Magazine and quoted in hundreds of media outlets, including the Wall Street Journal, MSNBC.

She speaks frequently at investment industry conferences and is a speaker for the CFA Institute. Dear Bev, One employees dating customers my employees employees dating customers become overly friendly with one of our larger clients.

employees dating customers

Many employers see the idea of employees dating one another as other problems, such as loss of confidence from clients or shareholders. Store policy,checkers (employees) can't date customers.. Im like WTF!!!! you gotta be kidding me.. she even said, ya ask so n so, who was. Do you think it's appropriate to ask a customer out? out of such a huge part of the dating world before now if it was a fellow Some companies have policies that specifically forbid employees from dating co- workers, supervisors, vendors or clients. Other companies allow such.

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