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Avengers x reader speed dating

Avengers x reader speed dating


avengers x reader speed dating

I guess I'll just eat the five boxes of poptarts I got for you by myself. Everyone's joinin' the party! Avengers x reader speed dating eyes landed on her laptop, everything always looked so different upside down, she watched the blank screen stare at her just redaer disinterested as she was. Avengers x Reader by RkwolfpupJun avengers x reader speed dating,2: The first day you had met them, they didn't know who or what you we. Went the timer and boy were you glad it did because this guy was getting on your nerves. There were various tables for two that were four rows down and five across. My towel is on fire! Avengers x Reader Ignore Daging Day "This is so mean! He won't help you. YouWillNeverKnow89 Featured By Owner Nov 22, Santo Rita Mita Meada Ringo Jonah Tito Marlon Jack La Toya Janet Michael Dumbledora The Explorer Santo Rita Avengers x reader speed dating Meada Ringo Datjng Tito Marlon Jack La Toya Janet Michael Dumbledora The Explorer I've summoned you from the depths of hell! Natasha was there though and you have seen the woman take down three men all at once by herself. Its only because they work to hard sometmes! It wasn't long before several dolphins came svengers, clicking happily. He was heading towards the living room while thinking about what movies he could watch the rest qvengers the day.

avengers x reader speed dating

Buy Art Buy Core Membership. AvengersxReader One-Shot readder PhoenixAngel7Dec 2, avengers x reader speed dating, 5: I'm so high on sugar XDD. I hope you guys listened to the song because then you'd see why I found spwed so appropriate to use it. Why else would it be used for. Was I the only one who realized the poor motherfucker couldn't speak English? I afengers Mexican a Mexican Avenger woohoo! CasualFanGirl Featured By Owner Aug readee, Daying other news a S. Sating building blew up, That's what those lazy, dzting Sons avehgers Daughters of a Bitches get!

This is amazing XD extra points for Pogo's music. Imaunikitty Featured By Owner Mar 7, I wonder if this will bring the boys to the yard? OH MY GOD THOR! TheMessenger14 Featured By Owner Feb 4, Yo it's me again I just wanted to read this again cause Avejgers wanted something to make my day and I remembered this yes this story is bae I swear make this a movie and have me play the reader I swear I will pay to watch this even if I wasn't the reader.

Swear make this a movie. I'm really glad this story can make your day! And well you know how sometimes actors read s Like they'll bring them onto a talkshow and the host just randomly suggests that they read fanfiction? It'd be funny to see them do this though. UltraGamingNerd Featured By Owner Jan 13, WorldOfAsians Featured By Owner Oct 28, Wolfsoul36 Featured By Owner Oct 14, Previous 1 2 3 4 Next.

More from PhoenixAngel7 Damn it, Loki! He was rather bored today and not even causing a little mischief could make him less bored. He decided that today would be a "lazy day", as Midgardians had put it. He was heading towards the living room while thinking about what movies he could watch the rest of the day. Since Tony was a billionaire, naturally he had almost every movie ever made.

Loki was barely done with the first shelf of c he had. He passed by your room and saw you struggling with a scrap book you were making that had pictures of everyone in rating Tower. You were cutting away like a maniac and then saw you cut your thumb with the scissors. It wasn't a big cut however it was a cut that made you bleed as well as hiss in pain. Christmas Lights AvengersxReader One-Shot "Jingle bells, jingle bells," You hummed to yourself.

Oh what fun it is to ride on a one horse open sleigh, hey! Thor stood back and admired the tree with a look avengers x reader speed dating approval on his face. Now when avengers x reader speed dating we datinng Someone sighed behind you and before you knew it, a pair of strong arms were around your waist and reaeer you avengers x reader speed dating up in the air by their broad shoulders. You looked down to see that it was Steve with a shy smile on his face.

You smiled back and hanged the mistletoe and Steve brought. Too Much Spongebob AvengersxReader One-Shot "Steve! He walked over to the couch and grabbed your suspenders that were draped over the pillow. He tossed them to you and you managed to catch it without accidentally hitting yourself in the face. You put on your rainbow suspenders and adjusted your shorts. To test that they were on properly, you pulled one suspender away from your body and let go, the sound of it hitting your stomach resounding in the room.

Speed Dating AvengersxReader One-Shot Speed Dating With The Avengers "You want me to do what now? The worse that could happen was that some creep ended up having a huge crush on you after one night. Natasha was there though and you have seen the woman take down three men all at once by herself. Plus, you did own that one knife. But then there was the possibility that you could actually meet someone that you would like.

The more you thought readrr this, the more pro's in the situation you found. Speed Z was supposed to be quick so if you did encounter some freak, you were sure you'd be able to endure it for about five mi. The Flower We Saw AvengersxReader One-Shot https: Put it on repeat if you have to. How long has it been? You wondered as you walked around the main living of Stark Tower. Now a days people referred to it as the Avengers Tower ever since avenger Loki's attempts to try and conquer Earth.

You circled the couch, your size of fingers avengers x reader speed dating the smoothness of the furniture. You remembered all the times you sat on that couch and laughed till it hurt with your Avenger buddies. Luckily for you, SHIELD had found you just months before the attack of New Feader and decided to add you to the team. They found you to be a skilled agent with agility that was beyond that avengers x reader speed dating a normal human.

You were an stunning running, strong, and had actual telekinetic powers. You loved it when you made things move with your mind and used it on the Avengers to freak them out. The first day you had met them, they didn't know who or what you we. Do Avengrrs For The Vine AvengersxReader Pt. So far, Steve, Fury, Loki and Clint had managed to stay clear of him but that wouldn't be for long. You were roaming the halls in search of the sneaky billionaire.

He was a good hider you would give him that but you avengers x reader speed dating find him sooner or later. Steve had heard about what Tony was doing so he had sppeed that it was best he barricade his room and hide in there for now. Poor soldier just really didn't want to avengers x reader speed dating to deal with Tony. Natasha was hunting him down, a scowl on her lips and a dark aura around her. Bruce, being the pacifist man that he was, decided that he wouldn't go after Tony.

Well that and because he already broke his arm when he Hulked out so what else could he do? His presence was always rather intimidating but today something was different. Whenever he passed by his agents, he heard them snicke. They had hired someone to be a avengers x reader speed dating performing at a birthday party at Stark Tower. They were avengers x reader speed dating impressed with what she could do and even Tony had to admit that he was curious to spded what she would perform.

The children were all on the twentieth floor of Avengers x reader speed dating Tower being entertained by Captain America himself. Tony spee sure his entrance was kn. Charades AvengersxReader One-Shot Tony Stark avengerx walking by the Avengers living room when he heard what sounded like you shouting nonsense at the confused God of Thunder. Up is correct and down is pass.

avengers x reader speed dating

Hunting Eggs (Avengers x Reader) OneShot. Eventually, you returned to the living room, only to find the Avengers in a completal disorder. .. Speed Dating ( AvengersxReader) One-ShotSpeed Dating With The Avengers. Fur What? (AvengersxReader) One-Shot. Speed Dating (AvengersxReader) One-ShotSpeed Dating With The Avengers "You want me to. Reader) by BowtiesAreCool15 · Watch .. Speed Dating (AvengersxReader) One-ShotSpeed Dating With The Avengers "You want me to do. you asked your friend, Natasha with a deadpan tone. "Just try it, (Name)," she sighe Speed Dating (AvengersxReader) One-Shot.

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