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Heroes and generals matchmaking too long

Heroes and generals matchmaking too long


heroes and generals matchmaking too long

I'm from India as well West Bengalso I generally get matched up with the Hong Kong, Singapore or the Japan servers. For clarification, when I said "right" I was referring to the difference in queue times related to the amount of players on the different servers. What region are you in? Discussions Rules and Guidelines. Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames. RB View Profile View Posts. Download Google Chrome Download Mozilla Firefox Andd Microsoft Edge Download Apple Safari No Thanks. It never really takes anr long as it says, anything apart from infantry it will take longer due to their assault teams being more rare. By continuing your browsing after being presented with the cookie information you consent to such use. But I found myself tapping the refresh button too often. If you would like to dismiss a squad member or leave the squad, you just need to go to the scoreboard default 'Tab'then either find yourself on the scoreboard then press left mouse button and select 'Leave Squad', or select the member of squad you like to dismiss, press left mouse button to dismiss the member from your squad. In order to maychmaking so you first have to choose a faction for heroes and generals matchmaking too long you want to fight for the duration of the current war. It completely destroys match making. Just the same way there was a noticible downswing when Fallout 4 released. It's a false heroes and generals matchmaking too long to be honest. Blizzard's been stuck between two options and going one way or another always seems to have people complaining:. Forums Kongregate Game Forums General Gaming Technical Support Game Programming All Forums. As mentioned at the beginning of Time to Squad Up and Go to Battleyou gradually unlock more game modes as you level up your Player Level. Originally posted by Reto.

heroes and generals matchmaking too long

Playing HL with pro analysis during queues! AliciaWins Hero League Placements Moral Support Appreciated Joycetick Lont 12h Stream Today! Or a one-way train to Silver? Stay Tuned to Find Out! Really slow matchmaking in QM self. Any of you experiencing this? I'm in Europe Spain and it takes about seconds on average lately Well just the last two days to be fair. Is anyone else having this issue? My team is not all specialists or nothing.

Usually all roles in the draft when we're 5. When it's just me it takes a bit less lonng but I don't get why the delay when we're five. Before it took 2 minutes at most very heroes and generals matchmaking too long. Now I mostly wait 2 or hdroes minutes and then match,aking matched with low level players Got matched with account level 7 people today even! I have games heroes and generals matchmaking too long and this hasn't happened before.

Noticed this as well: Queue time doubled and almost always some low-level players in the game which isn't a bad thing necessarily. Holiday sales and steam sales just happened and the Cho' Gall hype has died off. But things like this happen gradually and not from one one day to the other ,atchmaking Plus, it was fine, even before blizzcon and chogall. No, it matcchmaking happens rather suddenly when people pick up numerous new games all at once over the course of a few days. Just the same way there was a noticible downswing herroes Fallout 4 released.

Same, i'm getting long times, really really weird matchmaking, and tonight ping as high as ms!!! I'm in Aand too. Yeah queues started being a lot longer for me. I feel like the matches I got put into have been much higher quality this weekend than in the previous week though to be fair they were absolutely awful last week. Could just be chance so I' not reading too roo into it for now. I couldn't disagree more. Every game has been a complete stomp one way or the other in terms of comp ad general matchmaking.

Every game I played yesterday was astoundingly good. The team comps were still miserable, but it truly seemed like mmr levels were incredibly close. NA is having s queue times on QM, at least in duo queue. I matchmakung EU has a lower player base maybe, making it take longer. Assuming that is correct, heroes and generals matchmaking too long seems about the right amount of time. If not, it might be an issue with MMR levels of the people queued and the types of roles EU players play.

I notice NA has a ton of Assassin players, so queuing as an assassin takes longer. Why would it double all of a sudden? I only solo queue and the time has doubled in the past days. It doesn't at all seem "right". Last night we were regularly getting second question for 5man qm. This was heroes and generals matchmaking too long at night however. It used to be about seconds. For clarification, genetals I said "right" I was referring to the difference in queue times related to the amount of players on the different servers.

I wasn't implying the amount of time we have to wait is okay or acceptable, not that I have an issue with it though. I've noticed an increase in QM queue times lately, and keep seeing "service update" messages that coincide with "inability to start or find matches". I think we're getting improvements to the MM, since after the last one, my matches in hero league went from miserable to enjoyable again.

I to once more online bb pin dating teams that intelligently draft counters, pay attention to enemy talent choices, and such. Here's my latest matchup. It's possible that it's being rolled out over time, so half of the mm servers are down for an upgrade, while the other half are heroes and generals matchmaking too long up the slack hence longer times.

Blizzard's been stuck between two options and going one way or another always seems to have people complaining:. Blizz just needs to be open mathmaking any changes they do. I'm ok with longer queues, it's just that it's kinda irritating they started all of the sudden, without us even knowing if that is supposed to improve roo or not. It's just a matter of communication.

If blizzard had said "hey, we're trying out a new matchmaking ,atchmaking, the queues are going to be longer but hopefully the matchmaking is going to be better, okay? It's possible they are being open and have said nothing because they have not done anything yet. Weekends since the start have always been wonky. Sometimes you associate when someone else presents an idea even if you weren't thinking it originally.

My games have actually been fine, I agree longer queue times are apparent for me by about 60 seconds, but as a whole I seem to have competent people. The problem is parties. It completely destroys match making. All the parties were booted from HL and now they're in QM. What matchmaoing when a 5-stack queues up? Match making has to factor heroes and generals matchmaking too long party size, 5 different MMRs, and hero comp. At some point it realizes there is nothing it can match, so it gives up, and thats when you get all the shit games.

Most matchmakint the time it's around seconds. Very occasionally I'll get a longg in under two minutes. True for me as well. I've also been experiencing lags during the evening only on HotS. There's probably something up hheroes the EU servers. Yup, having the same issue. Unfortunately the matchmaking hasn't improved, if anything it seems to have gotten worse. That might have to do with the ongoing sale and Nova F2P week as well, though.

Other team had Tyrael, Uther, Kharazim, Thrall and Jaina. I actually get longer queue times in a full party than Sfu dating site do as individual. HotS major draw over LoL was shorter fast paced games. When the queue goes up to 10 minutes I would be better off playing a game of league. Of course the wait is longer in a party. The game is trying to find another 5-stack to match yours, so it doesnt fuck over a bunch of solo queuers.

Half the reason QM is so bad is because of parties now that generwls all flocked from HL to QM. There's no way you can balance a match when you have 5-stacks of players with 5 different MMRs queuing up The game has to try to match ,ong party size, five different MMRs, AND hero comp.

heroes and generals matchmaking too long

This is a very basic tutorial on how to join a match of Heroes & Generals. I hope this helps. This is a great. If finding the match takes long, that's server-side. but if I remember correctly, the matchmaking system gives you the first match it can find. CrisHeroes new season HL / ended #1 last season / @ CrisHeroes · MilleniumTVHoTS . (0 children). Same, i'm getting long times, really really weird matchmaking, and tonight ping as high as ms!!! edit: I'm in Spain too. Iam mew to heroes and generals after playing that game for the first time it take me 20 minutes for a matchmaking is there any way to reduce ths.

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