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Persona 4 dating everyone

Persona 4 dating everyone


persona 4 golden dating everyone

persona 4 dating everyone

While in both playthrough's I did I dated everyone valentines day was a kick in the ballsI did Naoto is the first and Rise in the second for golden endingpersona 4 golden dating everyone 2 timing her with marie But the way the game introduces you persona 4 dating everyone the characters incredibly important. Well, this is up to you, plus you can do New Game Plus and go for the other girls if you want to. Then I would have married Chie. Persona 4 Golden - Girlfriend Dilemma Chie, Yukik Is it worth it? Rise's character shows this so strongly. I also liked Chie. Not so much in-game, but you might turn into an emotional wreck in real life and be unable to live with the fact that you cheated on your waifu. Alright I just got "Intimate" with Yukiko, so that means she is now my girlfriend right? God, I hate Joey so much

persona 4 golden dating everyone

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Who did you date in Persona 4? There is already a thread about dating in P3 so I figure one more wouldn't hurt. Who did you choose and why? Chie in P4, Marie persona 4 dating everyone P4G. I'd like to say it was because she was an interesting character, but it's totally because I have a thing for stockings. That said, I dated Rise on my first playthrough first, then I dated Naoto because i saw her Christmas event on youtube and thought it was adorable. But I also had Marie since she doesn't negatively impact Valentines day.

Chie, AND was totally faithful to her haha. Persona 4 is my favorite game ever and a lot of that is due to it's characters, they're the best. Part of me feels like I should be a little annoyed with the milking of persona 3 and 4 at this point. I mean how many spinoff games and shows with these people are there going to be! But really, at the same time I can't. I love it, because of that exact reason. The characters are all just really damn fun. I'm up for any excuse atlus has on why they're all going to be persona 4 dating everyone the good fight again.

Fighting tournament, will there be meat jokes - then sign me up. Persona 4 dating everyone dance game, bring it on. Just as long as persona 4 dating everyone characters come back. See my mod-gifted tag and my flair. Naoto's adorable, best by far. I did actually woo pretty much every other girl too I'm polyamorous IRL, honestly! As I was playing through Persona 3, I bought Persona 4 and looked at the cast.

The one that caught my eye the most was of course Rise. I don't know what it was about her design, maybe it reminds me of Hatsune Miku and I do love Vocaloid music, and Rise has many similarities to Miku. The twin tail hair, the short skirt with thigh-high leggings, the famous diva attitude, and now starring in a dancing game, too.

Also, throughout her social link you can see how she is really just a girl who wants to be herself. Sure, she may still crave attention sometimes as shown by her Shadow's exaggerations, but at least she can acknowledge that persona 4 dating everyone can be a different person depending on who's she's with. That right there is something so realistic. People are constantly changing the environment and setting in which they interact with other people.

At work, with friends, at school, with family, everyone acts differently depending on who they talk to. Rise's character shows this so strongly. She loves "senpai" when all friends are around, she acts embarrassed and talks about her concerns when alone, but also knows how to handle the crowd in front of the TV as Risette. Her character shows such an important part of modern society and how people have been basically forced to be a different person for everyone.

Best girl Chie on my first play through. I chose her because there is no pretense with her - she's a loyal friend, ready to kick ass but has a vulnerable side that you want to protect. Plus her haircut is similar to one my wife has and I think my wife is gorgeous. I felt like such an asshole. The beautiful and busty Naoto Shiragane. The exact moment I heard her voice non tomboy voice my affections were forever stolen.

However, you still have excellent taste. Yukiko first she's my favoritethen added Chie wanted to see if the game would allow two girlfriends: Then Valentine's Day came around, I had to choose one of them to go on a date with. I chose Persona 4 dating everyone because I hadn't spent much time with her so I wanted to switch it upand the other two girls got all suspicious and sad, and said things like "You're not going out with your girlfriend on Valentine's Day?

Yukiko, she's the type of girl I'm a sucker for, very much enjoyed that. Marie, I loved how they made her character, mysterious persona 4 dating everyone had a very fun quest. I would total date her IRL. Also, like someone else stated, sucker for stockings here too! Naoto, then Ai and finally Yukiko she's my 'canon' girl. Chie was my favourite, but I stayed away from her as per the bro code, but those silly Kou and Yosuke never made their move.

Although, to be fair to Yosuke, he is probably just gay for the main characters. I wish he would have just admited it, and then I would have dumped all the silly girls for him and we would have made sweet sweet love. I even hugged him and all, but that dolt seems completely oblivious to my signals. Though in real life I would only have dated Yukiko at like 16, making my heart beat much before realizing we don't have that much in common.

Then I would have married Chie. Her desire to get the hell out of her town was something I sympathized to a fair degree at the time. P4 Vanilla - Chie,I mean a badass martial arts girl! Besides,I always had a thing for more of the tomboyish type,although Naoto was probably one of the last girls hah PF Golden - Marie,mainly cause she was a new social link but I won't lie that she was indeed,"kawaii hook up miami beach I liked her character design.

persona 4 golden dating everyone

I'm dating Yukiko already and I'm curious if anything bad happens if I date someone else Are there any consequences to dating more than one girl in persona 4 (PS2)? (self. . You can date everyone without any problems. For Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 on the PlayStation 2, a GameFAQs Answers If you go on a date with one of your girlfriends on a Sunday, your other. In vanilla, it seemed like there wasn't much of a problem with being a gigolo. However, in Golden, there seems to be a lot more emphasis on. There are some really good dating sites out there that claim to be successful. Dating and possibly marrying a non-christian.

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