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I am dating two friends

I am dating two friends


i am dating two friends

A month after I started dating my wife, I let her know that I had front-row seats to a U2 concert that was coming up. If he could pull that off with panache, why would he have asked this question? Which is why I kept looking around on JDate for that entire month that I was seeing both of them. Subscribe to Elite Daily's official newsletter, The Edgefor more stories you don't want to miss. If you're interested to see how this turns out, visit on Sunday because that's when I'll post. Are you a veteran of L. I know, I know — it sounded like a bunch of barefoot hippy nonsense to me too, until I, a clockwork menstruator, was 10 days late last month after only having sexy relations with one man who, by the by, has HAD A VASECTOMY. I like both of them, maybe one a bit more then the other. Everywhere you went you just magically kept finding great women who were into you and wanted to date you! I know, I know, I will probably lose them both. Always, and I mean always, wrap your glove before you make some love. Things have been going well, and I give a lot of credit to what I have learned from your book, emails and this site. Is His Reason for I am dating two friends Wanting to Commit Real or Just an Excuse? Why Guys Need To Go On More Man Dates. It sounds like your heart is set on guy 1, with whom you've slept, so let the other guy know that he's out of i am dating two friends picture and let your preferred guy know the same thing.

i am dating two friends

Ask MetaFilter is a question and answer site that covers nearly any question on earth, where members help each other solve problems. Ask MetaFilter is where thousands of life's little questions are answered. Join 4, readers in helping fund MetaFilter. Ask MetaFilter querying the hive mind. April 19, 9: This is not a secret to either of them. This isn't being hidden from them: I find myself initially interested in both of them -- both are intelligent and striking women -- but I'm really clueless as to how to handle this situation in the best fashion.

This assumes, of course, that I don't call the numbers in question and hear "Joey's Pizza" and "Frank's Pizza", respectively. For example, if I call Girl A on Friday and ask her to do something, will Girl B assume I'm uninterested? As I think this over, the situation i am dating two friends to be particularly unusual in that presumably Girl A and Girl B, as friends, are in communication with each other.

Furthermore, I should note that I've not had a great deal of experience at all in the romantic arena, and thus, this feels to me like someone with basic algebra skills suddenly finding themselves presented with a calculus question. Were you to have suggested this particular situation to me 24 hours ago, I would have commended you on the quality of your hallucinogenic.

Finally, if all of the above leaves you shrugging in confusion too, your advice would still be appreciated in terms of any general advice you may wish to impart about dating truths you've experienced in your life. This sounds like something out of a Japanese video game, you know that? There's an entire genre for this kind of thing! Den Beste at 9: For me i am dating two friends, things wouldn't get weird between me and one of my girlfriends until things got physical between her and the guy or me and the guy.

I agree - lunch is a good tactic here. You can't date both of them for long, but you do need something more than a speed date to choose between them. As long as you remain open and honest about the fact that you've invited both of them to lunch different lunches, natchthere shouldn't be anything to fear in terms of them being pissed off at you for playing them. Make a choice relatively quickly, though, because the longer you're seeing both of them, the more emotionally invested they both become, and that could be hard on their friendship.

Have them both meet you together, with a few friends, at a casual bar. After that, it is unlikely you will still be into both, and they into you. Hope sparks fly with one. Do you have a wing man? The four of you could go out someplace, party, bar, whatever, and see where the chips fall, and with four nobody is the odd one out. Plus seeing how the girls treat each other and your friend might tell you more about their personalities than a regular date.

But expect a little snark on this question; the trolls might not like that your cup runneth over. If one or both of them creates drama over this, this early, I wouldn't be interested in the one, or both, depending. This is a pretty basic early-stage dating situation. If it were me, I'd call them both, make separate dates for both, not really worry about the context of the dates lunch vs whateverand just play it by ear. Jealousy on either of their parts would be unbelievably lame.

The fact that the two of them are friends, in other words, wouldn't represent much more than a "heh, that's amusing" to me. And not only that. She just called me and said she talked to the roommate and the roommate's into the menage too. That was going around in my head, also. Call who you want to call. Lest there be any uncertainty, mention you're in contact with the other girl. As long as everybody knows where this stands, life is smooth. You're going on a date, not proposing marriage. I am dating two friends sound very uptight.

Get a little tipsy and see them both on the same night, telling the first you have to keep it short so as to meet up with 2, then tell her you're sorry you're late, but you were having fun with 1. Keep it casual and they will both like you. It may sound counterintuitive but that's how the "romantic arena" works. I am dating two friends, never be afraid of what you really want to do. They should have been aware that such a situation could arise, so they probably would be fine with each going out with you casually one i am dating two friends two more i am dating two friends before you decide which, if either, you prefer.

Just make the decision sooner rather than later. If they have hesitations about the situation, and are reasonably good friends and communicators, they probably will have i am dating two friends an agreement that they should both steer clear of you so they don't get jealous. If either or both of them accepts another date, they're probably cool with it. Though my style is see one on a Thurs around here like a l'il weekend then one on a Friday. Just call them on the same day so neither feels dissed.

Don't forget--one night stands often happen back to back. Anyone have a theory as to why? I'm sure they both will have no problem with it, provided you don't sleep with one on the first date. Just be honest about everything, and when you are sure you like one over the other or neither, let's be honest about all the possibilities heremake i am dating two friends break. They surely must have anticipated the possibility of both being interested in the same person s - in theory they probably i am dating two friends their numbers to multiple people at the same speed dating event, and if they didn't want to compete they would have gone to different events.

Run, run like the wind. Just because they say they're fine with each other being in the picture, it doesn't mean to say that they will be when one gets picked above the other. It's a horrible drama waiting to happen. If he could pull that off with panache, why would he have asked this question? But yes, call them both the same day to head off any girl-competitiveness. For the love of god, do not wait until you've gone out with one before calling the other.

As long as you don't actively try to play them off of each other, lie about seeing the other, or act like an asshole because yes, the other will hear about it you've got some i am dating two friends to see them seperately before weirdness sets in.

i am dating two friends

Thats Fine. Its your decision to tell each other about this. If you want my advice. Dont tell Interpersonal Interaction Between Best Friends · Best Friend Advice · Friendzone and Friendzoning · Adult Dating and Relationship Advice · Best Friends. I'm in a situation where two girls who are friends with each other .. "so you and your friend both did this and I have to say, I am quite confused  Best friends are dating behind my back - how to deal. Guy #1 knows that I was dating someone else and when we were out the Argh! What can I say to Guy #2 tomorrow, to let him know that I'd rather be with him, without it getting back to his friend and without . Seriously, I am a good person, always have been and always will be Dating Two Guys at once!. Dating multiples is one thing, fucking multiples is another. I don't know about you, but I am not in college anymore and have thus graduated (so to speak) .. Try being friends with as many guys as you can. I had casually dated two other women, and chose the player to be sexual with and devote my.

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