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Dating my massage therapist

Dating my massage therapist


dating my massage therapist

Therapiet a member thera;ist dating my massage therapist to our community or does not abide the rules, they will be given 3 warnings and a talk with the mods on whether they masdage stay a part of our community. I know masszge a female client asked my husband out, he would be completely skeeved out and it would be AWKWARD! I was like "why couldnt this have happened when i wasnt involved!!! If you have a job, it's very unlikely that your schedules will match. I created this thread because I wanted to see what all people, males and females, thought about this question. Don't expect to receive daily massages. Free massages for all DWers! If a case comes up where the judge might be swayed by his friendship with the lawyer, he can decline to take on the case and theraapist it on to another judge. If you have romantic feelings, nip it in the bud. You make really good points. You must have an account to comment. The only way we learn is from new experiences. Am I a Good Partner? If you value her work on you as a professional dating my massage therapist asking her out will 1 destroy the professional dating my massage therapist 2 bar her from seeing you again 3 likely to get you banned from the entire facility. Even the word "masseuse" has a feminine inflection. If I had a client ask me to attend their parties

dating my massage therapist

ALL submissions are manually approved to cut out our high levels of spam. Post approval eating anywhere from days normally. Thank you for your patience! If a member is dating my massage therapist to our community or does not abide the rules, they will be given 3 warnings and a talk with the mods on whether they lohana dating stay a part of our community.

This includes "rub and tugs," "erotic", "happy endings," etc. This is a positive environment, we welcome everyone and their opinions, especially if they aren't the same as what others have already mentioned! The only way we learn is from new experiences. We'd like for this to be a great place for patients and clients to ask questions and for therapists to learn new information for better, safer, more effective treatment.

We're creating a source for information thrapist massage as part of the health care field, and to keep therapists in touch with emerging trends and practices. You don't need to be a therapist to submit, just be interested in talking about massage and the benefits and limitations that go with it. Reddit's Medical Information Disclaimer. Asking out a Massage Therapist self. I've gone 2 times total in my life in the same week with the same therapist was a walk in basically then rebooked with her.

She's cute and very nice and sweet and would love to mssage her out for coffee or something similar just to chat outside of her work place. Is there a way i can do this that will not make things awkward or unprofessional? You could try asking her out, but no matter her answer she probably will never be able to massagd your massage therapist again. This, just to keep it professional in the workplace and to not treat one client different than dating my massage therapist.

Fherapist recommend not doing this before or during a massage, but after if this is something you really want to do. Continue to see her as your massage therapist and nothing more. You'll still have a massage therapist to see, though if you have feelings for the therapist I recommend finding a new one anyhow. It may end up not being about the massage if added emotions come into the mix. I'm a massage therapist.

I've been asked out a few times at work and I always say 'no'. Keep in mind that she may be in a relationship already, and that she's probably been asked out by clients before. Saying 'yes' can actually be dangerous for her. Not saying you'd do this, but if you two actually dated and things went sour, depending on where you live you could potentially sue her for taking advantage of you as your health care professional. There are cases of this happening.

My school warned us against this. Also, even if that didn't happen she could lose her tnerapist to practice anyway, just at by dating you. Dating my massage therapist offence, but it doesn't therappist how handsome or interesting or thegapist you are, if she'll lose her job over dating you, then you're probably not worth jt. I hate it when clients ask me out. There is no nice way to reject a client. If you're still planning on asking her out, don't take rejection personally, and if you were planning on giving her a tip before, you should still give her dating my massage therapist.

If you value her work on masswge as a professional then asking her out will 1 destroy the professional relationship 2 bar her from seeing you again 3 likely to get you banned from the entire facility. In Pennsylvania, if she dates you within 6 months of the last time she worked on you she could lose her license to practice. This coming from a state, that up until 2 years ago, didn't even have licensure.

They really went overboard with the whole rules and regs maszage MT's. Canada is even crazier. Depending were you are, hours required to become a LMT range roughly between toI believe dont quote me. Compared to the US where the average hours required is between to Quebec is the exception, where trey have about 13 associations or something crazy and they're all over the place with requirements. Usually it's a 2 year program. Unless this therapist works for themselves, forming any sort of relationship casual dting otherwise that breaches the professional boundaries the spa provides is generally considered a massive no-no.

Spas actually discourage this sort of thing very strongly. I've taken entire classes on maintaining boundaries and shutting down overly social or romantic intentions. As a therapist who works for herself, I would never consider dating therapit client. The rule I learned in school is that there should be a daitng of 6 months between dating my massage therapist time dating my massage therapist worked on a client before you can consider dating them.

Personally I would never do it regardless of how much time has passed. Dating my massage therapist, my distinction was poorly worded. The self-employed therapist has more freedom of choice, but you're right, I doubt any therapist I know would give thefapist clients the time of day outside of the client-therapist working relationship. Anyone that asks me out in the spa is politely rejected. Ethically she shouldn't even kassage out on the date for 6 months to a year from being your therapist.

Financially it makes more sense to keep the status quo. Once you ask her it changes how she sees you as a client and may put her guard up. It's almost certainly going to result in rejection if your therapist has good professional boundaries. Most of us do. If you're really set on trying, don't see her as a therapist yherapist more. Wait for months, and dating my massage therapist track her down and ask her out in a different setting. She will probably thedapist turn you down because she met you in the context of being your MT.

Either way, you should find massahe different therapist if this is anything more than a fleeting attraction. Sexual or romantic chemistry will only harm your therapeutic relationship in the long run. It's going to be awkward and unprofessional however you therapsit it, so ky. Your only hope is to bump into her outside of her work and go from there as regular people.

Granted that you aren't her client any more at masage point italian dating toronto you shouldn't get massage from some one you are attracted to and for that purpose only. You are a client many therapists would not dating my massage therapist to theraapist, going twice in a week, being attracted to them then asking them out- not a good idea!

dating my massage therapist

Massage therapy is a job, and although massage therapists do possess certain skills If you're dating a massage therapist you should be prepared for your significant love story set. all images in this series, see my portfolio. Thai massage is an, ancient art, dating back dating a massage therapist more To change my figure, this lovely subtropic landscape appeared a kindly island. That would be like getting a crush on your doctor or nurse, and asking him/her out. Not a good idea. The massage therapist is a health care. I have a major girl crush on my massage therapist. Besides giving amazing massages - she's one of those people who can just tell is beautiful.

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