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Skilled matchmaking black ops 2

Skilled matchmaking black ops 2


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skilled matchmaking black ops 2

So now the object of the game is to be bad? And CoD is a console game, it has been for a long time. The PC community has also moved on to better things. And before you say Seagate hookup maybe seagate hookup not doing good because this game is for N00Bs, How would this game be for N00BS? This is goid news to me, since it would be nice to play CoD on PC. Please, by all means, link us some of the comments. But what do I expect from a CoD fan like you. I hardscope and I was just going for body shots so I probably wasn't aiming correctly with the Ballista. Advanced Warfare, and it looks like Treyarch has opted to take the route from Skilled matchmaking black ops 2 Ops 2 instead. Otherwise there would be no reason for people to reverse boost. Log In to GameFAQs.

seagate hookup

Powered by neoforums v3. Posts Threads Forums Series Skilled matchmaking black ops 2 Products. Thread title From Last replied Now searching Login Forgot your password? All Call of Duty Forums. Black Ops II CoD: My tail wags for dog treats Two much Neo total posts: Nov 30, 12 at 5: God Neolithic total posts: I really haven't noticed this skill-based matchmaking.

I've seen some with. Nov 30, 12 at 6: Chad McCheeseburger Permanently Plugged In since: I DO mind playing competitively every game. So we're up against pricks all the time even though we're not that good. Nov 30, 12 at 8: I understand that having to try your ass off each seagate hookup every game has to be all sorts of frustrating, but lower level players have to try to do well too. Except, in this system, they actually HAVE a shot at doing successfully. Though it may be fun to pub stomp, it's no fun at all for those on the losing end.

I haven't bro code dating age formula in that situation TOO often, thankfully, but it's the type of thing that breeds assholes seagate hookup about how stupid Call of Duty is and how it takes no skill at all to do well. They're the type to complain about the enemy team being try-hards when they lose, but get so obnoxious upon winning a game.

I don't mind that I can't 'pubstomp', I'm sure most other don't either. However, there's never any fun in the game when you have to try hard every game. In CoD4, I started out as a 0. I'm now a 1. Because I put the time in to get good at that game playing against people far superior. The people who I thought were Gods back then are now worse players than me. The way it skilled matchmaking black ops 2 now, you play against someone on your level.

Which means little Timmy on level 13 with a SPM plays against little Jonny. Little Jonny is worse, and Timmy's SPM goes up quite drastically. He then goes into another game where he is destroyed, his SPM goes back down and he's back at the start. Meanwhile, Jonny is still getting his arse handed to him by shit players, and based on this won't play against anyone he can learn from. It's non-beneficial if you ask me. Leave it to League Play, which is now redundant.

Nov 30, 12 at 9: You're not exactly the player you make out to be on your 'super awesome I have skillz Youtube channel' then if you can only get good scores on shitty pubs? Sort of deceives the whole point of you boasting about how good you are on Youtube. Most of the well known people, or at least the people I bother watching 'earned' their stripes years back in proper competitive gaming on the older games like CS, BF and Quake etc and therefore actually are good.

Unlike the majority of people that are saturating Youtube like yourself, who think they are good because they can get 'gameplay' by cherry picking games they stomped on shit pubs. With that aside though, Skill Based Matchmaking is gay, especially when they made League Play for the MLG Try Hard crap. Sort seagate hookup makes everything redundant. I don't care about stats, all I want to do is just take it easy and have a laugh with mates while still semi trying for the win.

True Addiction 1 since: Nov 30, 12 at I didn't realise to be on YouTube you needed to post crazy gameplay. I'm not too sure what to make of the matchmaking since I've only played on PC and idk if that's the same but, Skilled matchmaking black ops 2 guess it just makes the game more challenging. Bit weird what with league play doing the exact same thing though.

Essential 2 total posts: Dec 1, 12 at I don't really understand what's rewarding about earning the right to play shittier players. The better I progress at the time the harder I want my opposing team to be, otherwise I'm skilled matchmaking black ops 2 going to get better. Besides that most games I play, one party and whichever team they're on curbstomp through anything that moves.

Dec 1, 12 at 1: I really haven't noticed anything out of the ordinary from memory. Most of the people Skilled matchmaking black ops 2 play against are good, but I assumed that "skill based match making" actually just meant "roughly your prestige match making," so I haven't really judged it out of the ordinary to see players at relatively high levels.

Went on them with the TAR. Not really Youtube worthy though, they couldn't hold their guns up. Meh, on top of that, after watching your video about it, you're basically just contradicting yourself in your points. I just don't see what your main argument is. Also you said your MW3 KD was 2. My KD in this game is slightly below my MW3 KD, and improving, it really is not a problem.

Besides, if your KD is close to 1, you'll probably just end up in the bracket with the shit players, especially if skill based matchmaking is a thing and it's not just prestige like it was in the past. Dec 1, 12 at 8: But when you get matched up with players far below your skill level, that's all fun and games is it? No more top rank clan of 6 guys joining a game and spending 2 hours raping a team of 5 newbies. We all love a good scrub lobby but hell, it's massively unfair, and this was a good move.

Sucks for you actually having skilled matchmaking black ops 2 try to maintain a good KD cause we all totally care. Similar Threads How does skill-based match making work in a party if the people have complete different stats? Jump to another forum: Top Core Games Life is Strange: Before the Storm Metroid Prime 4 Star Wars:

seagate hookup

Will SBMM return in BLACK OPS 3? What do YOU think? SUBSCRIBE if you ENJOY the VIDEO! Click. you could easily get a Gunship and a MOAB playing against people with littler skill, In Black ops 2 the matchmaking is set with skill (Confirmed by Alot of. For Call of Duty: Black Ops II on the Wii U, a GameFAQs message board topic titled " Skill based matchmaking is stupid.". Treyarch has confirmed to AliA during his recent visit to the studio that Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 matchmaking system will be similar to Black.

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