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Boom beach matchmaking

Boom beach matchmaking


boom beach matchmaking

For a long time we felt that boom beach matchmaking can tackle these challenges and that the upsides for the system outweighed the downsides. While going up in Victory Points will match you up against higher level player matchmakin, the loot from these bases will typically also increase, and the Daily Reward will also be better the higher you are, so having a high Victory Point count is very rewarding, but being too high will cause you to lose more Resources from attackers and make winning attacks harder. Always build your economy Matchmakinf lower amounts of Victory Points, Headquarters level is also a factor in multiplayer matchmaking. T Hammerman Strikes Back Colonel Gearheart Boom beach matchmaking Game Mega Crab. TAGS Boom BeachBoom Beach MatchmakingBoom Beach TipsSlide2PSlide2P Recommended. Time 19 Monday NEW Hero Update Tutorial! ABOUT US TIP US PRIVACY POLICY TERMS OF USE FAQ. Most of my defenses are level 1 or 2, while my gunboat is level

boom beach matchmaking

No instructions, advocacy, or distribution of, hacking, cheating, exploits, or modding. Please report to the moderators if you see anything. Please note this is a ban on in-game execution. Only Verified Task Forces can recruit here. Use Boom Beach Recruit instead. Find out how to join the Reddit Verified Task Forces, either as the leader of a new RVTF or as a member of an existing RVTF. Either way, come say hi on Discord!

Boom Beach Known Bugs. Boom Beach Beginners Guide. Message the Mods we get lonely sometimes Old rant, but the matchmaking sucks. My advice to SuperCell would be to put everything on boom beach matchmaking with updates, no more new cute troop types or events. Match making happens based on VP alone. A quick fix would be instead of randomly picking opponents based on VP. Include the players current level range into the equation too. The attacker can be more active without ending up being totally unmatched.

That above algorithm means that players are matched by LEVEL and ACTIVITY Baech the corrected equation VP is partially used as an activity indicator vs existing RAW VP olone. Every successful player base attacked will award you with 2VP, while every defense lost will subtract just 1VP. The boom beach matchmaking is if AI player bases subject 1VP just by appearing on your map, then when defeated boom beach matchmaking only boom beach matchmaking 1VP, then it appears that vp is just twice as hard to lose.

But that isn't the case, the house has an edge, and this edge is that many times AI will award 2VP. Not that uncommon which will lead to VP inflation. Let me dispel another myth. If I am active, surely everyone else who is levelling will have the same VP as me? Free players Those who do not buy any diamonds will matchmwking have matchmxking highest VP on average and by far With one exception listed below. This is obvious, the more you're spending the less you need to raid for resources, boom beach matchmaking means - yup you guessed it, less VP.

It would aaroncarterfan dating site possible to reach max level without attacking once, just on diamonds alone. And with a base VP of what you originally got. So think about that! The exception would be passive players, who only ever rely on passive income from base alone. Good luck playing like that, because you'll get nowhere fast. It interferes with TF's.

If you actually want to be in a decent TF, then a lot have min intel requirements. This means that you and rightfully so are expected to bring in intel. This bpom attacking, and considering some guys are bringing in a week, daily events and being raided won't cover this. So you end bopm in a lull, like I am now, virtually all my invasions are too high, except one or two, and sure I can still upgrade stuff bbeach farbut my rant is not about being short on resources.

It is that I would like a mtchmaking to be constantly active in the game without having to worry about VP. And if you know anything about Matchmakig, then they matchmakng quoted in the past they are trying to balance the game but don't want matchmaiing break any fragile elements. My advice, since I wrote matchmakinf new match algorithm matchnaking about 5 seconds, consider hosting a MatchMaking algorithm contest.

Plenty guys out there will come up with way more complex and tuned algorithms. Well I just took cand turned it into something I thought most non coders would understand. My intention was not to write VB, more like pseudo code. I like the way matchmaking works. You're necessarily supposed to be able to beat every base that matchmakong up on your map. Offense is definitely favored in this game, and if you could attack whenever you wanted too without any consequences, resources would be too easy to neach.

As it is, they're not very hard. If you're good and an offensive player, you should generally be able to beat someone 1 HQ level above you pretty easily, and 2 HQ's above you often. If there was no consequence to raiding a PVP base, there would be a lot more PVP raids. I'm sure Supercell has considered this, and I think a lot of newbies probably wouldn't like it if they were raided times per day starting out.

Matchmakign matchmaking was based on level, then a lot of people would go super offensive, upgrading no defenses whatsoever so boom beach matchmaking they could raid other players much easier. The game would be no fun if you were sending in veach 12 troops all the time to take down level 4 defenses. Furthermore, noom matchmaking idea is especially bad because super boom beach matchmaking players would have the highest VP for their level, so they would be constantly matched up against each other, and it would be a cycle of overpowered troops taking down underleveled defenses.

I'm level 42, I get about per week, my TF requires 40 per week, and I easily can meet this without gaining any VPs. I'm one blom the lower level players in my TF too. I think VP matchmaking would be a problem if you constantly were getting raided by people far above you mstchmaking level, but this doesn't really happen. If someone is intentionally keeping their VP low, that takes them some time and self control. They're rarely going to decide to take down a base 10 levels below them.

It won't be profitable, and it will raise their VP. The system boom beach matchmaking pretty well. I have a sort of similar experience boom beach matchmaking op, but at a much lower level. I am a new player, level 18, just got to hq9, and am sitting around ish vp. I almost never win pvp matches, and I feel brach is because the quality of troops does not match the staggering amount of defenses matchmakinh get at early levels.

I also rarely get attacked by players, and I feel it is for similar reasons. Full convoys of warriors just cant match the defenses without things like smoke to sneak past or longer shock blast and flare to better direct them. Hopefully, I just have a ducky attack strategy, but when I see an hq with 6 or so defenses around it, I just skip it. Hooka heavy zooka is still the strongest comp for your level.

If you can take out their mortars with gunboat, marine zooka is decent if you avoid mines. If they pop up every once and awhile, who cares, skip them. I'm a level 36, VP, HQ I have a level 46 ebach an Boom beach matchmaking on my map. I'm level 34 vp and just started to ease this boomm with tmed.

boom beach matchmaking

limit my search to r/ BoomBeach. use the following search parameters to narrow your results: subreddit:subreddit: find submissions in "subreddit. I'm HQ7/ Lvl 18 with victory points. I have a lot of victory points because I built a good base, I don't rush, and I manage to pick off a lot. Why do level 30+ (even level 54 once) keep appearing in my map, while I'm level 21?. Boom Beach gives you two kinds of opponents: other players (referred to as Blackguard mercenaries or "PvP") and AI opponents (referred to as Blackguards or.

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