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Dating ercol labels


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The daybed is a very original design. Retail terms General Disclaimer Intellectual Property Privacy Policy and Cookies. Your Recently Viewed adverts will appear here Recently Viewed. Layer Design Event with onefinestay Meet The Designer: Should Match making software for windows 8 free download go retro or metro? No thanks Yes please. The same was true of Ercol, which is why the company was so phenomenally successful. There have been several chair arches built in more recent times — in an arch of modern chairs was put up inside the High Wycombe Town Hall to mark the visit of Queen Elizabeth and later a Millennium arch was also erected; spanning the end of the High Street it featured over chairs hungary dating free was more than 9. Antique Mirror Mirror On The Wall. The distinctive shapes and designs of midcentury chairs and sofas lend themselves perfectly to making a real statement: The side chairs have the markings like two pies with a piece out firefighter dating free it or a clock faces at 1: There are a number of things you can do to make sure that you end up with the genuine article: Blending the old with the new and eclectic is the essence of metro — and it can work perfectly with midcentury furniture. Archive Welcome to the ercol catalogue archive. Often easier said than done; but replacement parts can be sourced, original manufacturers found and repairs made with materials and components from furniture of the same period. I can supply pictures should you be interested. Sign up Sign in Sign in. These two timbers look very different — have a search on the web for some examples. Adrano Artisan Bosco Bosco Bedroom Burcott Capena Chalgrove Chesham Cosenza Evergreen Flow Gina Recliner Ginosa Recliner Hartwell Bedroom Marinello Marino Modica Novara Originals Piacenza Ravenna Renaissance Rimini Romana Salento Shalstone Shalstone Dining Teramo Teramo Dining Triggiano Windsor. They are in good, clean condition, where would be the best place to sell them?

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This Blog is intended to become a resource for all enthusiasts for Ercol furniture. You are encouraged to comment on postings and share your own experiences repairing and restoring Ercol. Ercolholics Unanimous Adventures of an Ercollector. Saturday, 24 May Restoring Ercol Pebble Tables, a Progress report on removing Dark Finish. Since recently acquiring a set of three of the famous pebble tables in a rather sorry state I have made a start on stripping the dark finish in preparation for their revamp as "Natural Blondes".

There are a few points of interest to pass on discovered whilst working on them. The first is that the top does not appear to be elm but a much lighter and harder wood. It contrasts with the three little round seatings underneath which fix the legs and with their grey colour DO appear to be elm. A test oiling of the underside of the top indicates that my normal method will result in a very light finish so I might look at other options.

Whilst sanding, slightly flexing the legs of the smallest pebble revealed that two joints in the top were starting to separate and could develop into serious cracks. One was plainly open. I pondered on the glue to use initially planning on use two part epoxy, Aralditewarmed with a hairdryer to thin the glue and aid joint penetration. In the end I settled on an experimental trial of Chair Doctor.

The top was completely sanded dating app free download to dribbling Chair Doctor along the open joints. The legs were gently flexed to assist the C-D to find its way deep into the cracks by capillary action. Whilst the fm radio antenna hookup was setting an elastic Bungee was hooked around the legs to press the joints together as the thinner the joint the stronger the finished item. The experiment is a success with joins now invisible, including the joint which had been a distinct crack.

Chair Doctor claims to swell wood to tighten joints and does seem to have worked to close up the hairline crack which the top had. The middle table has a distinct gaping joint in the top and will be last to be looked at. Interestingly it sees that at some point Ercol changed the direction of the "planking" on pebble tops. On my old set the joint run perpendicular to the longest span which seems to be asking for trouble.

On the largest one Ercol acknowledge this dating power download by their addition of a long ovalised strengthening piece screwed to the underside. In contrast my more recent Golden Dawn large pebble has planking running the proper way. Posted by Anthony Collins at Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest. Fixing dents in Ercol tables. I'm slowly progressing with the refurbishment of my nest of dark Ercol Pebble occasional tables.

The smallest has been completely rubbed down and I've set to work on the largest. Apart from the nasty cream paint and removal of the original dark stain it has a few little 5mm wide dents on the surface of the tabletop. I had starting sanding this and it became apparent that marks would still be visible below stain level and I didn't want to have to carry on sanding good wood to remove them. Apart from the work involved, pebble tops are rather thin and I didn't want to weaken it more than necessary.

Sanding had reached the level that clean wood free dating bulgarian visible overall but stain still remained in the grain. I had come across a dent removal solution involving use of a steam iron but decided to try just cold water with a tiny amount of washing up detergent. The dents in the top were just compression damage and no wood had been removed and I was hoping that water would soak into the crushed wood fibres causing them to swell to their original shape and the dents would "heal".

The technique used was to wet the immediate area around a dent leaving a standing puddle which was left for several hours, or days depending on what I was doingthen repeated probably times. I haven't made any scientific measurement but it does seem to have been successful in reducing denting significantly to the extent that the sanding still needed to remove the grain staining will be enough and this final rub down will also remove some light water staining has occurred.

Wednesday, 14 May Sanding is so soothing. Another project has been completed. Number one and only son has moved into his first unfurnished house and we promised him our old Ercol circular drop minecraft dating servers 2016 table. Since we acquired our 5-legged extending dining table the old drop leaf has been living in the kitchen and is was really too big for the space. The new table isn't in great condition with an ink stain and hook up superintendent job description separation to the top but that's something for the future.

The table came with 4 light finish Windsor chairs, 60s or 70s era? As the whole table and chair set were reasonably priced, no-one else bid on Ebay, and they were 10 miles from me so I'd been able to inspect prior to bidding I knew what I was letting myself in for. The initial plan was to fix the many loose joints with Chair Doctor as described in my other roseburg dating postings and give the chairs a quick polish.

It didn't work out like that though as I started cleaning some black scuff marks from the bottom of a leg using a Cif on a paper towel and found that the finish was coming off to expose bare wood. Further experimenting showed that I could make good progress stripping off the old coating with Cif on a green nylon pot scourer rinsing off periodically with water. Against my better judgement I decided to go for a complete strip application for dating my brother refinish.

I don't know if all light finishes will come off as easily, maybe a production run using some sort of water based lacquer or maybe the finish has become delicate with ageing. If you want to try the same method I recommend testing on a small section out of view. Don't let the wood get too wet, scour, rinse, wipe down and move to a different section frequently.

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Welcome to the ercol catalogue archive. Here you will find ercol catalogues from nearly every decade since the s when ercol was founded. Please click on. Labels. Ever since their inception, Ercol furniture pieces have had of any particular range, but they simply show the manufacturing date. Look out for the silver and blue Ercol labels or characteristic features such as the ' wedged-through-seat legs', a circular motif with a line through the centre. Restoring Ercol Pebble Tables, a Progress report on removing Dark Finish with the refurbishment of my nest of dark Ercol Pebble occasional tables. . All a feast for an Ercol enthusiast who wants to identify and date a.

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