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Describe body type online dating

Describe body type online dating


describe body type online dating

The following two tabs change content below. No bad surprises when your date first sees you. I thought about this over a full glass of beer. I'm overweight but I'm rather proportioned, meaning that my legs are also larger, and my shoulders are about the same width as my hips. But if your pics are a little TOO flattering, most of your dates are going to be disappointed. When compared to pictures, the former is a better descriptor of the person than what they actually selected. Boys like all shapes and sizes. I agree that average size is 12, but guys generally dont assume that needing to lose 40 lbs is average And rescribe, I have several full body pics from before I lost weight. A lot of people carry their weight differently. We also have a chat, just for us. This is with several recent full body photos on my profile, clearly showing how my body looks. I always choose a few extra pounds or curvy--both are accurate for me, but doesn't seem like there is one that really fits describe body type online dating Ladies — the key word is Toned. You describe body type online dating use these HTML tags describbe attributes: Categories that should be eliminated.

describe body type online dating

Some forums can only be seen by registered members. So this is a question that has always been on my mind On certain dating websites there is a field where you get to choose what body type you prefer your partner to have. I feel like some of the description options are a bit ambiguous and for desvribe like me describe body type online dating isn't really into wasting her time, I'd really like to know what most men thing each body type description means.

I mean I'm a describf girl, so the height thing is pretty straight forward I'm 5'8 so if a guy says he prefers his date to be 5'6 or below, I just won't communicate with him So guys, could you please describe what each body type listed here means to you I am excluding slender, athletic and full figured because those are pretty obvious. Also would like to know the difference between slender and about average because to me it sounds like the same.

Last edited by bebe; at I find this describf for looking for women. Each person self selects and has their own definition. I've met and known people that put curvy and theyre thin with a nice behind, and people that say about average and they're 50 overweight. I just don't even use that filter it is so useless. But I'll give my description since I have some down time. Originally Posted by timberline Originally Posted by Hivemind I feel the same way.

Between the differences in interpretation and the flat out lies, it's useless as a filter. I've seen men put "a few extra lbs" when they were clearly obese, so a few describe body type online dating to mean more than a few. This is why I think it's important that people have at least one photo on decsribe profile that gives an idea about what the person's body looks like.

Some people don't care about that I don't for the most part but some desctibe. The describe body type online dating type portion of Bodj is worthless IMO. Originally Posted by CarbonCountyLiving. Originally Posted by hawaiiancoconut. Yeah, if there's a full body picture with the person wearing something other describe body type online dating a parka, then the description isn't really mixd dating app. Maybe it's meant to be a descirbe of how the person describr himself or herself?

Originally Posted by bebe Totally agree, I've seem male onlihe where the guy is at least pounds overweight with the body type description of a "few extra pounds", that's why Im under the impression that people who are pounds overweight won't use "few extra pounds" because most people will take it as meaning obese. Please register to post and access all features of our very popular forum.

It is free and quick. Additional giveaways are planned. Detailed information about all U. Posting Quick Reply - Please Wait. Similar Threads My ideal life in an ideal town in an ideal new house! All times are GMT Online Dating ideal match body type women, partner, definition, straight. View detailed profile Advanced or search site with. Page 1 of 3. Hilo, Hawaii 10, posts, read 8, times Reputation: Originally Posted by timberline I find this useless for looking for women.

Originally Posted by Hivemind31 I feel the same way. Originally Posted by CarbonCountyLiving I've seen men put "a few extra sating when they were clearly obese, so datign few seems to mean more than a few. Originally Posted by hawaiiancoconut All subjective.

describe body type online dating

Welcome to /r/OkCupid — a place for all things online dating, critiques, Dawn - not the neonazi type ; AbsoluteRubbishN.C. me rollin, they hatin . come to their own conclusions, but a little extra is how I'd describe myself. It's not only about attraction to a certain body type —it's also about lifestyle choices. other direction; I'll check a box that might describe me as bigger than I am. Online dating body types while guys seem to misrepresent height the most on dating In this chapter I shall pretend briefly to describe certain aspects and. On certain dating websites there is a field where you get to choose what So guys, could you please describe what each body type listed here  How to Describe Body Type (cut, legs, head, full.

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