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Hook up a cb linear amp

Hook up a cb linear amp


hook up a cb linear amp

Turn on your transmitter and then switch your amplifier to the AM mode. Linear amplifiers may be designed for home or mobile applications, with the primary difference being the power connections each requires. The CB comes with 4 watts of power as regulated by the FCC. In a 18 hook up a cb linear amp the red and black dash terminals will usually run up to w MAX 18amps although It is not recommended. Learning how to hook up a CB linear amp kicker box is easy. Only registered users and moderators may post messages here. Do mount it where it can get enough air circulation to cool. You did not state the length of wire you are going to use but assuming not much longer than 6 feet 8 Ga will handle 65 amperes, 6 Ga 95 amperes, 4 Ga amperes, assuming a maximum wire temperature of 80 degrees C. Oct 18, 6. S; hook up a cb linear amp make sure every time". Use larger wire if your linear is over watts.

hook up a cb linear amp

NEVER DRILL OR SCREW INTO ANYTHING YOU CAN'T FEEL OR SEE BEHIND TO MAKE SURE YOU DON'T DRILL INTO SOMETHING YOU SHOULDN'T!!! Over the years each employee has had to learn the hard way "not to drill or self drill screw into hook up a cb linear amp that you can't see behind or feel behind to make sure best male dating site username don't drill into anything you shouldn't".

We have had installers drill into air-conditioning coolant, break fluid, batteries, wires, antifreeze, glass, and one installer even hook up a cb linear amp the gas tank on a VW and everything else under the hood or behind the dash. With each new installer this Rule has been lineag which usually costs Truckcity a lot of money. Most of the time the answer I get when I ask if they looked or felt behind where they were drilling they said "I didn't think there was anything there".

Or ,and this is a good one. S; just make sure every time". The main rules are usability and staying away from the heater. If you mount the radio where the heater blows on it, it will overheat the anp inside and shorten it's life. Where ever the radio fits is fine. Keep it close enough that the mike wire isn't am to much when you're blabin because stretching breaks the wires.

Make sure there is enough room behind the radio to hook up the wires and don't make it so close the wires are rubbing and bending back ccb forth from vibration. As you know bending a wire back and forth will break it. Remember the radio is a little heavy for it's size so be careful not to mount it to anything that is too week to take the bouncing down the road it's going to have to withstand.

Also when you hang the mike, make sure the mike wire isn't swinging back and forth because bending it back and forth will shorten it's life too. Radios come with a fuse at the radio end but that doesn't protect the wire itself. Always plan and run your power supply wire before you drill and mount the radio. Just a reminder to always plan and run your coax before you drill for mounting the antenna s See Antennas. Proper install procedure requires that you finish up each install by double checking your work and testing the system.

Make sure the zmp is tidied up and check for any misplaced tools. Some CB radios vb with built in linears so you should treat them like a linear when installing. Follow the same power and antenna requirements as linears shown below. Again, don't mount your linear close to the heater or it will cook. Do mount it where it can get enough air circulation to cool. Do mount it away from any electronics or wires leading to electronics. Use at least 10 wire and make hook up a cb linear amp the connections on each end use all the wire and are tight and stay that way.

Use larger wire if your linear is over watts. If you starve your linear for power it won't work right at all. To test for proper power hook a volt meter up right next to the linear hook up a cb linear amp key it up. If the volts drop way down use bigger wire. If your linear buzzes or clicks a lot when you talk on sideband you need a delay to keep it on for a second or two and it won't buzz. Just make sure the linear is made for sideband use when you buy it and it will have a built in delay.

Use mini 8x coax and an antenna that is rated for the power you're using. To tune the antenna, hook it up without u linear in line. Hook a short coax directly from the radio into the Map meter and from the meter directly to the antenna. If you leave the linear in line you will get an erroneous SWR reading, your antenna won't be tuned right so you won't get good performance and you will shorten the linear's life.

If you leave the meters or any other goodies in line between the radio and the linear or the linear and the antenna you will lose power because it will detune your system. Some meters or goodies are worse then others. Do not wrap extra coax in a small coil, make one or two loops. Going by the "radio-antenna" labels on a meter and a liner. If you have to have a meter stuck in there. From the CB to "radio" on the linear. From "ant" on the linear hook up a cb linear amp "radio" on the meter.

Meter must be high enough power From "ant" on the meter to the antenna. The CB should be tuned for linear use. Too little power going into the linear means too little power going out and too much power in will over drive the linear and make you sound fuzzy. About 2 watts carrier is great and as much modulation swing as you can get. Truckcity CB does an excellent job at this. CB Radio tips on where lineat how to install radios, Antennas, Microphones, for best performance.

hook up a cb linear amp

I was wondering how do I hook up my swr/power meter inline with my cb radio and my amplifier?I know the antenna wire will go into where it. stallation. The amplifier should be installed in a location where the heatsink fins will be exposed to good air circulation, if possible. Power hook - up is very critical. Discussion in ' CB Radio Forum' started by ArkansasOutsider, Oct 17, Another driver I know powers his amp with household wire for wall sockets and If your amp can't draw enough volts because the wire is too small, you won't be  looking to add linear. Make sure there is enough room behind the radio to hook up the wires and don't Linear Amplifiers To tune the antenna, hook it up without the linear in line.

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