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A Man, 26 Jensen Beach, Florida. Home FreeSpiritSingles is a UNIQUE dating service on this planet! We do not moderate based on dating feelings. We encourage both positive and negative viewpoints toward the subject of Scientology. You are leaving a Gizmodo Media Group, LLC website and going to best dating sermons third party site, which is subject to its own privacy policy and terms of use. You will receive flirts from attractive Scientologist ladies and invite them to chat online if you have a two-way match. I have higher philological education but my job is acquisiton and leasing manager in Alshaya Trading Company. Her website says that "her authentic work connects our hearts to the hearts of Beings in advanced civilizations, Whales, Dolphins, the Tree People, the Crystal Nation and Earth's Elemental Kingdoms. View Taipan44's Full Profile Online dating psychopaths For: OT materials on wikileaks: Hmmm, nothing very "Scientologistic" about him. Can you go in and change your profile whenever you want?

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Moderation is based on Reddit's content dating site identity verificationrelevance to the subject of Scientology, and troll prevention. A troll is a user who intentionally makes it difficult for others to use this platform for its intended purpose. Please use the report function and message the mods with your reasoning. We do not moderate based on hurt feelings. A troll is not merely somebody whom you find unpleasant, pig-headed, or bad-mannered.

The Internet is full of such people. Please do exercise your right to ignore them. We encourage both positive and negative viewpoints toward the are all hookup sites scams of Scientology. This is a place to discuss Scientology. This is not a platform to mock or ridicule Scientologists, nor is this a platform to spam propaganda.

Be kind to one another. Posts and comments regarding "infiltrating" Scientology are not allowed. Full explanation of this rule is here. Do not threaten or harass other members of the sub. Threats arabs2arabs dating site bodily harm, doxxing, attempting to get a member banned from Reddit by the admins, or any other form of threat will be grounds for immediate removal from the sub.

As long as you are following the rules above, to include the rules scientology dating site Reddit, you should remain free to post here without harassment scientology dating site threats. Chris Shelton's reddit AMA. A place to find definitions for Scientology terminology in plain English. Official Church of Scientology website: The official, approved website for the Church of Scientology explaining their beliefs and practices.

Faithology Scientology portal Unfortunately no longer operational. If anyone knows of a functioning, neutral, site which explains Scientology from neither a pro or anti stance not currently listed on the sidebar please arabs2arabs dating site the mods. A website devoted to exposing Church of Scientology abuses and secrets. Also, one of the oldest and best known sites doing so.

Tony Ortega's daily blog about events in and around Scientology. Something Can Be Done About It: The blog from Mike Rinder, previously an executive in the Church of Scientology. Wiki resource of Scientology data, run by Independent Scientologists and people in the Scientology freezone. OT materials on wikileaks: Full documents showing the teachings of the upper Dating site identity verification levels, including OT III's famous Xenu story.

Our own collection of noteworthy posts, personal stories and other assorted bits. Same rules for discussion apply there as here. The Secrets of Scientology. A list of materials, articles, organizations, and more that reveals a great deal of information about the beliefs and practices of Scientology. Ladies and Gentlemen, The Scientology dating site.

Free Spirit Singles is an organization whose basis is are all hookup sites scams shared appreciation of LRH's pamphlet, The Way To Happiness. This is possibly the most insipid, unoriginal, and unimpressive of all of LRH's publications. I actually couldn't believe that LRH wrote such a thing, when it was first published. He seems to have decided that since he is the source of all things, he might as well be the author of the Ten Commandments, too.

The Modern Science of Mental Health" is a distinctive piece of writing, containing some original ideas, mixed with Freudian psychotherapy. Anyway, I can see why cultists want to date fellow cultists. Otherwise, their nature lovers dating sites mate would never understand radiometric dating inaccuracies so much money was being navi mumbai gay dating on cultism. And eventually, they can keep each other from leaving the cult with threats of disconnection.

Ah, love is such a beautiful thing. Reading through this is equal parts physically painful and hilarious. They are passing out Way to Happiness booklets. They have managed to pass left wing dating sites 23K booklets! Thats ALMOST the number of fliers and other random dating I passed out by myself during a single year as a staff member They are also lauren pope dating site the Scientology marriage courses. Its almost as if the real goal is just to get people into a church to spend money on courses???

They even have a facebook page with 80 likes, and only 1 new like this week, occuring 5 days ago. My god, the global expansion here is mind boggling. I would assume that the first date arabs2arabs dating site "Get together to hand out booklets. Depends whether you think handing out The Way to Happiness is doing some good in the world It would certainly seem that most of the people on that site would though.

I truly hope they have more class than "lets get together and push our church's agenda on people! I would assume that the people on that site would consider it a reasonable thing to do. And from the site-owner's point of view it's a "make sure they really are 'one of us. Took FOREVER to get through all their bullshit to sign up, and then they don't even activate your account till someone reviews it and activates it and sends you an email. However, I used a fake email ThetaFreedom Hotmail.

I know how to sound like a Scientologist without sounding over the top. So I was accepted over night and I know someone actually reviewed it cause they emailed me to let me know that they removed a sentence which said I would be open to just friendship, because it violated their policy that the site was specifically for romantic attempts, not just for friends despite their home page saying "a fun and easy way to meet new friends on the internet".

However, I have no plans on sending a single message, and got pretty bored of it in about 5 minutes. It was fairly amusing to see how many people are actually in my area I think within about 15 years of me,in all of Washington state, and female, there were like 10, maybe, and there were like 5 guys with the same criteria I did find someone I knew who last I knew was getting married like 3 years ago I remember her wedding, I was there who is showing up as "divorced" I also had a laugh reading the profiles of a few other guys and gals I knew and reading what THEY said about themselves vs what I actually knew about them the dirt you find out about people when you are in HCO is sometimes hilarious, and sometimes downright offensive, nothing is private in your life if you get sent to ethics, all of HCO is going to know about it.

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(CBS) - We're talking about Affinity Exchange, a dating site for spiritual singles. On the list of selections: conscious/spiritual and Scientology. Avoid those generic dating sites that can't cater to your more evolved self. The Scientologist dating community is your place to connect, share and grow with. Since , the Affinity Exchange dating service has been helping people whose lives are dedicated to spiritual enhancement and ethical activities find one. Scientologist online dating, Best FREE Scientologist dating site. % Free Personal Ads for Scientologist singles. Find Scientologist women and men at.

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