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Borderlands 2 matchmaking problems

Borderlands 2 matchmaking problems


borderlands 2 matchmaking problems

matchmaking in borderlands 2

Looking for op8 rustle orphan maker 2. Chances are a lot of people feel somewhat matchmaking borderlands 2 because of the performance issues matchmaking in borderlands 2 shouldn't have been there and are just hoping like I am that the games problems will get sorted out soon. Here might be a better place to ask http: If you continue to cause errors, you will be blocked again for an indefinite period. Our team is aware of the issue and are investigating possible resolutions to be included in a future update. Good to know that it not just me. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Powerlevel, powerlevel, and more powerleveling with some minor trading going on All i play is TPS. Borderlands 2 is more fun to play than Borderlands The Presequel. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Top - The Top most popular games on GameFAQs today. If you do not understand what is causing this behavior, please contact us here.

matchmaking in borderlands 2

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So i can't find any servers on the matchmaking sistem. Any1 knows how to fix that?? Showing 1 - 15 of 15 comments. Martin Cruise View Profile View Posts. Has it patched yet? Lepis View Profile View Posts. It's by matchmaking borderlands 2, to get into a game with matchmaking there needs to borderlands pre sequel matchmaking problems "hosts" that broadcast their game pubicly.

Host is a server. Well in this case it is, but I wont join you in pedants corner Zorak, can you join friends games? Or is it just the search function which is not working? Last edited by Martin Cruise ; 10 Jan, Djisas View Profile View Posts. I do "open" my game to public and i get decent random players joining, just once a lvl 1 player got paired with me lvl 33 at the time, i didnt care at all and he got a couple lvl's boost I tried to get matches matchmaking borderlands 2 me and twice i got paired with french guys persona 4 dating everyone clearly didnt have interest in me Another time i helped a guy killing terra, he kicked me to get all the loot for himself after the kill Yes, i can join my friends game, only quickmatch and matchmaking in borderlands 2 arent working.

I already checked that, seems like the problems isnt so easy. View Profile View Posts. Matchmaking is totally broken in this game. If you don't have friends on your list playing, its close to useless. Try verifying integrity of game cache, something might have unpacked wrong, its worked for some people.

As of last night a lot of people are having trouble, but your problem has been longer than that. Last edited by Martin Cruise ; 11 Jan, Just tried and nothing happened T. T maybe if i reinstall the game?? Here might be a better place to ask http: So my quest continues. Start a New Discussion. Discussions Rules and Guidelines. Report this post REASON.

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matchmaking borderlands 2

borderlands pre sequel matchmaking problems

borderlands pre sequel matchmaking problems

Anyone else having trouble with joining other people's games? When I try to join someone, it will put me in their party, but I'll still be on the main. I've been unable to find any games and was wondering if this is widespread or if its just because I'm lvl 72 OP 8?. comes with both the Pre-Sequel AND Borderlands 2 but has ever Which seems to me that matchmaking may indeed have some issues. Having issues playing Borderlands: Handsome Collection. Matchmaking is still broken? (10). Can't reinstall Xbox One Borderlands Handsome Collection online multiplayer connectivity issues (2). Weapon randomly  ‎ Connecting to host issues · ‎ Shift Codes not working - XBox · ‎ BL1 > BL2 Save Help.

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